Population: 86
Government: Theocracy


Town Council

Anya Cheekysnow F Old N Clr 8 Urgathoa
Kian Regaltide M Young NG Clr 3 Sarenrae
Saul Eternalheart M Young LE Clr 4 Norgorber
Tabitha Murkgalleon F Middle CN Clr 6 Calistria
Tess Cinnabarcat F Middle N Ari 6 Urgathoa Aid

Town Guard

Aurelia Brazencloud F Young LN War 3
Elspeth Royalspring F Young LN Rog 1
Enya Electricbow F Old NG War 8
Giselle Mightyjourney F Old CE Wiz 6
Heath Archeventide M Middle LE Wiz 5
Heidi Rapturechalice F Young CE Wiz 1
Lucas Playfulbuck M Young CG War 2
Miranda Lucidmoat F Young LE Ftr 4
Nick Bonnyhero M Middle NG War 4
Roman Splendidsun M Young CE War 3
Syed Ceruleanwolf M Young CE Ftr 1
Sylvie Haughtysatyr F Middle CE Wiz 5
Tomas Sassysphinx M Old NG War 6
Violet Cheekyflail F Young NG War 4
Willow Darkspell F Young LE Ftr 4

Spiritual Services

Ben Handsomewyrm M Young NE Clr 2 Church Urgathoa
Carmen Blissfulhordes F Young CN Clr 4 Shrine of Calistria
Darwin Gloriousspirit M Young CG Clr 2 Shrine of Cayden Cailean
Dexter Lambentdagger M Young LG Clr 3 Shrine of Earstil
Dion Beatificstorm M Old CG Ari 3 Shrine of Cayden Cailean Aid
Ernest Ironviola M Young NE Ari 2 Church of Urgathoa Aid
Faris Cinnabarship M Old NE Clr 4 Church of Urgathoa
Imran Sublimehordes M Young LE Clr 1 Church Norgorber
Isaac Brassygrace M Middle LN Clr 2 Shrine of Irori
John Radianthero M Young NE Clr 2 Church of Norgorber
Karis Blackship F Middle N Clr 1 Church Norgorber
Quincy Lustrousgoblet M Middle NG Clr 3 Shrine of Sarenrae
Ridwan Zealousgate M Young LN Ari 4 Shrine of Irori Aid
Saul Handsomeharp M Young CN Clr 4 Shrine of Calistria
Yasmin Cruelbow F Young LG Ari 4 Shrine of Erastil Aid

Mage Guild

Beatrix Royalax F Young N Ari 3 Aid
Finn Bonnyengine M Young CG Ari 3 Aid
Karim Gloriousrain M Young LN Wiz 4
Tess Rosebuck F Middle CG Wiz 6
Wendy Roseraven F Young LG Wiz 2

Town Services

Amber Sweetlake F Middle NE Exp 1 The Minstrel’s Inn
Cairon Cheekydrum M Middle NE Exp 1 White Axe Tavern
Daisy Blacksinger F Young N Exp 3 Blacksmith
Elina Eleganthaunt F Young CG Exp 1 Weapon Smith Aid
Erik Cruelbird M Middle LE Exp 4 Armorer
Esmerelda Royalgriffin F Young CN Exp 1 Tailor Aid
Giselle Coppermoat F Middle N Exp 5 Carpenter
Ivy Magicbuck F Young CG Exp 4 Mason
Karis Artfulantler F Young N Exp 1 Book Seller
Lena Paleskin F Young N Exp 3 Jeweler
Lily Amberhair F Middle N Exp 1 Blacksmith Aid
Maxim Gloomsea M Young NG Exp 3 Blacksmith Aid
Molly Ambercreature F Young NE Exp 2 Tailor
Rose Forsakenmoon F Young LE Exp 2 Tavern
Seth Gleamingstream M Old CN Exp 2 Weapon Smith

Tavern Menu
1. Boiled Cabbage, Mug of Bitter – 2 cp
2. Stewed Mutton and Soft Cheese, Tankard of Beer – 11cp
3. Pickled Shark and Curd Cheese, Tankard of Bitter – 9 cp

Book Seller Inventory
1. The origins of the Net and Shortbow
2. An examination of the excretory system of the Kraken
3. The skeletal system of Centaur’s
4. Common practices of Gozreh
5. An examination of the courting rituals of Sea Serpents
6. An examination of the sensory systems of Troll’s
7. A comparison of Falchion’s and Broadswords
8. Tales of Pharasma
9. An examination of the child-rearing habits of the Cyclops
10. An examination of the digestive system of the Ogre


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