Population: 76
Government: Plutocracy


Town Council

Emilio Murkcaster M Old NG Rog 7
Eve Angelicbeat F Middle CE Ari 3
Jaxon Bonnyghast M Middle N Wiz 6
Pierre Darkantlers M Middle NE Clr 6
Xander Cyaneve M Middle CE Exp 5

Town Guard

Blossom Wonderlight F Young LE Ftr 3
Edgar Lambentstaff M Middle LN Rog 1
Edmund Dazzleriver M Old CG Wiz 1
Enya Ashvulture F Middle CE War 2
Freya Winsomedawn F Young CN War 2
Maximus Duskyfruit M Old CE Rog 4
Molly Haughtygriffin F Old N War 4
Orlando Toweringrain M Middle LN War 3
Roman Blissfulriver M Middle LE War 1
Saul Crystalmay M Young NG War 3
Zack Fiercespirit M Middle NG War 4

Spiritual Services

Grace Viridianquest F Young CG Ari 1 Church of Nethys Aid
Isaac Duskythunder M Young N Clr 3 Church of Nethys
Mya Gloomhart F Middle LE Ari 3 Shrine of Norgorber Aid
Tabitha Divinespark F Middle NE Clr 5 Shrine of Norgorber

Mage Guild

Enya Eternalflute F Middle LE Wiz 4
Gia Crimsonlance F Middle LN Wiz 2
Lewis Electricspirit M Old N Wiz 4
Lilith Sacredowl F Young CG Wiz 4
Skye Fiercesiren F Young NG Wiz 3

Town Services

Earnest Lovelyghoul M Young CE Exp 4 Merry Thief Inn
Ella Angelicfey F Young LE Exp 1 Lucky King Tavern
Keira Cobaltlure F Young LG Exp 4 Blacksmith
Otto Temptingjewel M Middle N Exp 2 Weapon Smith
Solomon Eternalroads M Middle CE Exp 4 Armorer
Wendy Eldritchgate F Young CE Exp 1 Tailor

Tavern Menu
1. Rye Bread and Sharp Cheese, Mug of Stout – 5 cp
2. Smoked Sausage and Hazelnut Bread, Tankard of Cider – 9 cp
3. Smoked Chicken and Dried Peas, Tankard of Stout – 11 cp


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