Population: 58
Government: Plutocracy


Town Council

Alisha Sweetdress F Young CE Wiz 4
Arthur Cyangem M Middle LE Clr 5
Eliza Lovelyshield F Middle NE Exp 6
Faith Glamourcreature F Young LN Ari 3
Lyndon Murkmay M Middle CN Ari 5
Maia Cyanfruit F Middle CG Ari 2
Orla Archsun F Old CN Ari 1
Seth Electricsky M Old CN Ftr 7

Town Guard

Arwen Copperdagger F Middle LN Ftr 6
Carmen Silvergem F Middle CG Ftr 5
Ciara Starryax F Middle N Ftr 5
Conrad Sublimearrow M Young NG Ftr 1
Jenna Artfulwyrm F Middle NG War 3
Lyndon Regalberry M Middle LG Rog 2
Orla Palespark F Middle CE Ari 2 Arwen’s Aid
Omer Crystalbow M Middle N Ftr 5
Quinn Skeletalbird M Young LG War 4
Sylvie Blackspear F Middle N War 1
Tom Sacredmay M Young LN Ftr 4

Spiritual Services

Damon Sovereignstone M Young CG Ari 4 Church of Nethys Aid
Jana Diamondhero F Young CN Clr 2 Church of Nethys
Lia Winsomefox F Young LG Clr 2 Shrine of Torag

Mage Guild

Anais Copperfox F Middle CE Wiz 3
Otto Lovelystream M Young NG Wiz 3
Star Majesticdart F Middle CN Ari 3

Town Services

Alisha Scarletturtle F Young NG Exp 1 The Welcoming Jester Inn
Destiny Zincsky F Young CE Exp 1 The Heroes Tankard Tavern
Edmund Brazenwine M Young CG Exp 2 Blacksmith
Elisha Cheekycat F Middle CE Exp 5 Weapon Smith
Jenna Imperialriver F Middle LG Exp 5 Armorer
Lily Crystaldagger F Middle NE Exp 3 Tailor
Mae Boldflail F Young CN Exp 3 Carpenter
Maximus Paleequinox M Young NG Exp 4 Mason
Mylo Brazencastle M Young LN Exp 1 Book Seller
Quincy Comelydeer M Old CN Exp 4 Jeweler
Riya Trickyshield F Young LG Exp 1 Armorer
Simeon Bravesword M Old CN Exp 1 Weapon Smith
Stefan Shadowlake M Old LG Exp 6 The Wench’s Goblet Tavern
Wyatt Rosebird M Middle CN Exp 5 Tailor

Tavern Menu
1. Oat Porridge, Mug of Ale – 3 cp
2. Cashew Bread and Soft Cheese, Mug of Mead – 4 cp
3. Dried Lamb and Dried Peas, Tankard of Mead – 8 cp

Book Seller Inventory
1. Similarities in the living habits of the Manticore and Goblin
2. Gorgon mating habits
3. Comparisons of the Longbow and Shortbow
4. Pegasus mating habits
5. Muscular system of the the Hippogriff
6. Unexpected similarities in the living habits of the Bugbear and Manticore
7. Peacetime comparisons of Nets and Glaives
8. The muscular system of the Satyr
9. A Unicorn’s common areas of habitation
10. The migration patterns of Bugbears


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